TrickBot is a banking trojan that deploys advanced browser manipulation techniques, server-side injections and redirection attacks. TrickBot was considered a true banking trojan in October 2016 when it implemented web injection capabilities. The trojan’s primary targets are business accounts. TrickBot originally targeted Australian banks, one Canadian bank, and regional US banks through a regular expression (RegEx) URL for a digital banking platform. Since adding the two new configurations in November 2016, the malware has targeted personal and business banking websites of financial institutions in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Germany, including redirection attacks – an advanced method to manipulate what victims see in their browsers – against four banks in the UK. Additionally, TrickBot has been spread using the RIG exploit kit through malvertising, by email attachments claiming to be a fax message, and by infected Microsoft Office macros using the Godzilla loader. IBM Security Intelligence researchers believe TrickBot’s operations are likely connected to the Cutwail botnet’s malware and it uses the same crypter as Vawtrak, Pushdo, and Cutwail. The trojan is very similar to the Dyre trojan which also used the Cutwail botnet as one of its distribution methods.


Technical Details

  • IBM’s X-Force provides a technical analysis of the TrickBot banking trojan here.