CrypMIC targets Windows OS and is distributed via the Neutrino exploit kit. CrypMIC closely mimics CryptXXX in attack vectors, distribution and C2 communication methods, ransom note text, and the user interface of its payment site. However, it does not append any extension to the names of encrypted files, making it difficult to determine which files have been impacted and what variant is responsible. CrypMIC also checks to see if it is running in a virtual machine (VM) and sends that information to its C2 server via port 443. To prevent file restoration, CrypMIC deletes Shadow Volume Copies using the vssadmin tool. The ransom payment demand for CrypMIC is 1.2 to 1.4 Bitcoin.

  • Trend Micro provides more information about CrypMIC here.
  • The NJCCIC is not aware of any decryption tools available for CrypMIC.