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A macOS malware spread via a fake Adobe Flash Player update, distributed via BitTorrent file sharing sites. The malware leverages shell scripts to install adware.

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MacOS MalwareNJCCICshlayer

A DNS hijacker that can exploit devices running macOS. Researchers suspect it is being developed into a remote access trojan (RAT) with more advanced features.

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MacOS MalwareNJCCICmami

Wirelurker is a mobile Trojan affecting Mac OS X and iOS devices. The malware will infect a Mac device, then lay dormant, waiting for an iOS device to be connected by USB, where it will download itself on to the iOS device through the USB cable. 

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MacOS MalwareNJCCICWirelurker

Filecoder.E targets macOS, is written in the Swift programming language, and it is distributed via BitTorrent through a file named “Patcher,” masquerading as a software pirating application. Once opened, the Torrent contains an application bundle for the victim to install.

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MacOS MalwareNJCCICFilecoder.E

A trojan targeting Mac OSX, typically distributed via email and uses a persistent pop-up to obtain a victim's password. It then gains administrative privileges and downloads the Tor client, redirecting traffic through Tor and allowing the threat actors to intercept all outgoing traffic.

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A trojan targeting Mac OS X systems first reported on in May 2015, packaged as an application bundle masquerading as an Adobe Flash Player update. A separate OceanLotus variant discovered in June 2017 is distributed via a ZIP file, likely sent as an attachment in an email.

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A RAT and the first known MaaS targeting Mac users, available for free or as a paid, advanced version on a Dark Web forum. The malware has capabilities including: capture screenshots, log keystrokes, record voice, retrieve clipboard content, retrieve browsing data, obtain iCloud photos, retrieve any files and data, encrypt the entire user directory, disguise the malware as a legitimate file, and access emails and social network accounts.

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Proton is a remote access trojan (RAT) targeting macOS, first dispatched in late 2016. It is being advertised on Russian underground hacking forums, YouTube videos, and a custom website.

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Quimitchin, referred to by Apple as “Fruitfly,” is a Trojan used to target the Mac OS X operating system. Researchers at Malwarebytes discovered the Trojan in cyberespionage attacks targeting biomedical research centers.

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Komplex is a Trojan that targets systems running Mac OSX, specifically those used in the aerospace industry. It is distributed via malicious email attachments disguised as a PDF file and exploits a vulnerability in the MacKeeper antivirus application to deliver the payload.

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MacOS MalwareNJCCICKomplex