YiSpecter, first identified by Palo Alto Networks in mid-2015, was the first iOS malware to infect jailbroken and non-jailbroken phones by abusing private APIs in the iOS system. The malware spread via hijacked traffic from nationwide ISPs within China and Taiwan, an SNS worm on Windows, and an offline app installation and community promotion. YiSpecter contains four components signed with enterprise certificates. Abusing the APIs allows these components to download from a C2 server and install on a targeted iOS device. Three of these components hide their icons, preventing the user from finding and deleting them. After infection occurs, iOS apps can be downloaded, installed, and launched; existing apps can be replaced with other apps; apps can be hijacked to display advertisements; Safari's default search engine can be changed; and device information can be sent to the C2 server. YiSpecter is capable of maintaining persistence on the device and can defeat attempts to delete it. Abusing private APIs allows even iOS users who only download apps from the official App Store to be infected with YiSpecter.

Technical Details

  • Palo Alto Networks provides technical analysis of the YiSpecter iOS malware here.
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