Wirelurker is a mobile Trojan affecting Mac OS X and iOS devices. The malware will infect a Mac device, then lay dormant, waiting for an iOS device to be connected by USB, where it will download itself on to the iOS device through the USB cable. The malware is capable of both generating malicious apps and infecting preexisting apps on the device. WireLurker, once installed, is capable of stealing information from the device such as: serial number, phone number, model number, product version, AppleID, product type, hardware serial number, installed applications, first and last name, and contact information of received text messages. The app has primarily affected users in China thus far; however, it has the potential to spread.


  • November 2014: 467 Trojanized applications are propagated through the Maiyadi App Store, a third party application store in China. (Kaspersky)

Technical Details

  • Symantec has more technical details here.

Image Source: Trend Micro