SUCEFUL is a multi-vendor ATM malware that is capable of stealing cards inserted into ATM machines, disabling ATM sensors, and reading data from a debit card’s magnetic strip.

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First detected in 2009, Skimer is capable of executing twenty-one malicious commands including withdrawing ATM funds and stealing customer data such as bank account numbers and payment card PIN codes.

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RIPPER, discovered by researchers with FireEye Labs in August 2016, is capable of collecting data from bank cards, dispensing cash, and reading user input from the numeric PIN pad.

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ATMitch operates by reading commands contained within a local text file labeled command.txt. The commands are simple, one-letter characters such as ‘O’ for open dispenser, ‘D’ for dispense, and ‘E’ for Exit.

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ATMii, discovered in April 2017, targets ATMs running Windows 7 and Windows Vista. ATMii uses two files, exe.exe and dll.dll, to enable interaction with the ATM’s computer and grant threat actors control over the device.

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Detected by Europol EC3 and Trend Micro in November 2016, Alice is a simple malware variant specifically designed to force an ATM to empty its cash dispenser.

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