Gazon is a mobile malware which spreads itself via text message to Android users. Victims of this malware receive an SMS message asking them to take a survey in order to win a $200 Amazon gift card. If victims click on the survey link, they are directed to a website that prompts them to download an app onto their device. Once downloaded and installed, Gazon accesses the contact list on the device and sends each contact an SMS promoting the same bogus offer. This malware began spreading through social media channels such as Facebook and continued to do so while expanding its reach through SMS messages. Ninety-nine percent of the malware is now spread via text message, the remaining percent via email or social media. Gazon profits from brand advertising in the fake survey text.


  • March 2015: In February 2015, Gazon began spreading through a Facebook account in the United States. (ChristianPost)
  • March 2015: In March 2015, Gazon began rapidly infecting Android devices all over the world. (IBM Security Intelligence)

Technical Details

  • March 2015: Adaptive Mobile provides technical details on the Gazon malware here.

One example of the Gazon variant. Image Source: Adaptive Mobile

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