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The 5 Latest Scam Emails You Should Avoid
Comment: The most effective phishing campaigns typically exploit well-known company names and logos in their email messages and are repeatedly used by scammers to deliver malware or steal personal information from victims. Maintaining awareness of the latest and most common email-based threats can help reduce the risk that you will take an action leading to the compromise your accounts, systems, or networks. Approach all unsolicited email messages with a healthy dose of skepticism and be sure to log into personal accounts directly by entering their URLs into your web browser rather than clicking on a link in an email, text, or social media message.
Popular Tax Software May Expose Users to Phishing Attacks
Comment: With the 2018 US tax deadline approaching, some of the most popular tax software providers may not be doing enough to protect their customers from phishing attacks. According to Philip Reitinger, president and CEO of Global Cyber Alliance, “One of the best ways to stop phishing is to deploy DMARC.” All email administrators are encouraged to implement DMARC to help reduce the threat of phishing and protect their users, clients, and customers from email fraud. More information about DMARC is available at DMARC.org.