Weekly SEA

‘Secret Shopper’ Fake Job Scam Hits LinkedIn
Comment: Popular social media platforms are commonly abused by scam artists who post fraudulent “wanted ads” in an effort to exploit job-seekers. Some scammers even use hacked accounts of legitimate users to fool their contacts into thinking the offers are coming from someone they know. They hook victims with the lure of fast, easy money for little or no effort. To avoid becoming a victim of these types of scams, always remain skeptical of any offer that seems too good to be true and never participate in the transfer of funds to and from your personal accounts at the request of people you do not know or via any unexpected online request.

New Online Scams Target Soldiers, Army Warns
Comment: The Army Criminal Investigation Command is warning soldiers and the public of a scam in which soldiers’ identities are being used to conduct fraudulent sales. In these schemes, the perpetrator typically tries to sell high-priced goods to victims at unreasonably cheap prices and includes a poignant story designed to manipulate victims into acting quickly on the offer. The criminals behind this scheme are using data from official websites and social media profiles to appear legitimate and impersonate real soldiers. Officials recommend monitoring personal online identities and promptly reporting any fraudulent accounts to the associated website. Limit personal details shared online and tighten privacy settings on all accounts. Only purchase goods from reputable sites or individuals whose identities can be easily verified and carefully scrutinize any product being sold at a steep discount.