Weekly SEA

Phishing Attack Swipes Credentials from More than 50,000 Snapchat Users 
Comment: Over 50,000 Snapchat user credentials were stolen in a phishing attack after targeted victims clicked on a malicious link sent to them from a compromised Snapchat account and entered their login credentials. To protect yourself from falling victim to this and similar scams, never click on links in unexpected and unsolicited messages and never use these links to log into personal accounts. Additionally, enable multi-factor authentication on any account that offers it to protect those accounts from unauthorized access resulting from compromised credentials.

Hoboken Police Warn of Check Scam after Woman Loses $2K 
Comment: Hoboken police have issued a warning after a female resident was scammed into depositing a bogus check and using the fraudulent funds to purchase $2000 worth of eBay gift cards. After completing a survey she received from a LinkedIn contact, the woman reportedly received a $2900 check and was instructed to immediately use a majority of the funds to purchase the gift cards and send them to the scammer behind the scheme. The fraudulent check bounced, leaving the woman on the hook for the $2000 she spent. To avoid becoming a victim of this or similar scams, avoid depositing large and suspicious checks from unknown sources, especially if there is a request for a withdrawal or purchase using the check’s funds immediately following the deposit.