Weekly SEA

Bamboozled: Netflix and Fraud? How Scammers Are Targeting Users 
Comment: Social engineers use popular online services such as Netflix to indiscriminately target a large number of users in phishing campaigns with the assumption that many of them have associated accounts. Well-crafted spam emails and landing pages that are nearly identical to the legitimate websites can easily trick users into entering their credentials and other sensitive information into phishing sites. Targets of these types of phishing campaigns are highly encouraged to visit associated sites by typing the legitimate URL into their web browsers rather than clicking on links included in the body of these emails. 

Electric Company Phone Scam Reported in Ocean City: Police
Comment: Social engineers are attempting to take advantage of the recent bout of extremely cold weather by calling Ocean City residents and identifying themselves as Atlantic City Electric representatives. During the call, they try to scare victims into believing that they have an unpaid or overdue bill and threaten to cut their power if they do not immediately submit payment using a prepaid Green Dot MoneyPak card. Anyone who receives a phone call associated with this or any other scam are urged to immediately hang up and file a report with their local police department. Never divulge any personal or financial information during unsolicited calls and remember that no legitimate company or agency will ever require payment in the form of gift cards, prepaid debit cards, or money transfers.

Somerset County Residents Targeted in Phone Scam
Comment: Somerset County authorities are warning residents of a phone scam in which the perpetrator fraudulently identifies himself as either Lt. Dan O'Brien or Sgt. Dan O'Brien and attempts to convince victims that there is an active warrant out for their arrest. The caller then asks the victims to meet with him and purchase vouchers at a CVS store to pay off the warrant. The calls reportedly originate from phone number (908) 505-8872. Anyone who receives this type of phone call is urged to report it to their local police department.