Businesses are legally responsible for maintaining security and privacy. This page provides resources to assist businesses in protecting their most critical information assets. Check out the links below for valuable security information.


  • US-CERT - Getting Started for Business
    The resources below are available to businesses and aligned to the five Cybersecurity Framework Function Areas. Some resources and programs align to more than one Function Area. This page will be updated as additional resources — from DHS, other Federal agencies, and the private sector — are identified.

  • US CERT - Getting Started for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB)
    Cybersecurity is critical to any business enterprise, no matter how small. However, leaders of small and midsize businesses (SMB) often do not know where to begin, given the scope and complexity of the issue in the face of a small staff and limited resources.

  • Cybersecurity Course for Small Business (online)
    This self-paced training exercise provides an introduction to securing information in a small business.
  • Protecting Your Customers
    Stay Safe Online offers a few simple, cost-effective online safety practices to protect you from incurring expensive and dangerous electronic security incidents and to give customers the peace of mind that they deserve.
  • Protecting Your Employees
    Stay Safe Online has tips for helping employees to understand their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding sensitive data and protecting company resources.
  • Prepare My Business
    You've finally achieved your dream. Don't lose it to a power outage, hacker disruption, fire, earthquake or other disaster. If you're not prepared, a disaster could put you and your employees at risk, possibly shutting down your business forever. Roughly 40 to 60 percent of small businesses never reopen their doors following a disaster. But you can. Disaster planning and preparedness can be your lifeline to staying in business. With proper education, planning, testing and disaster assistance, you will be able to stay in business through any interruption and beyond.
  • Backup and Recovery Business Impact Analysis
    Add Backup and Recovery Business Impact Analysis: How to Create One and Why You Would Want to!
  • Security Management
    Read news and analysis information online from the Security Management publication.
  • OnGuardOnline
    This site provides how-to videos and tutorials about protecting information, creating cybersecurity plans, and learning about cyber threats.
  • Copier Data Security: A Guide for Businesses
    If the data on your copiers gets into the wrong hands, it could lead to fraud and identity theft. Learn which security features to consider to protect your company's data here.
  • Employee Habits Put Corporate Data at Risk
    If you attend a conference or read an article on security, you're likely to get the impression that the biggest threats facing the enterprise are cyber-attacks and hackers. However, a new survey conducted by digital security firm Globalscape points the finger squarely at employees.


Disaster Recovery is the process an organization uses to recover access to their software, data, and/or hardware that are needed to resume the performance of normal, critical business functions after the event of either a natural disaster or a disaster caused by humans.