Governor Christie Names David Weinstein as State's First Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Governor Chris Christie today established the position of Chief Technology Officer by appointing David Weinstein as the State’s first ever CTO. Weinstein will oversee the New Jersey Office of Information Technology (OIT) and be responsible for developing and implementing strategic policies, information security standards and requirements for all State departments and agencies. He will report directly to the Governor and will serve as a cabinet member.

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Mike Geraghty Named Director of the New Jersey Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell (NJCCIC)

Director Chris Rodriguez today announced Mike Geraghty as the first Director of the New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell (NJCCIC) located at the Regional Operations Intelligence Center. Geraghty will be dedicated to managing the day-to-day functions of the NJCCIC, the State’s central hub for cyber operations and resources.

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NJCCIC and NH-ISAC Partner to Enhance Cybersecurity Information Sharing at the State Level

The New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell (NJCCIC) and the National Healthcare Information Sharing and Analysis Center (NH-ISAC) announced today a partnership to enhance cybersecurity information sharing on behalf of New Jersey’s healthcare providers. Under the agreement, which was signed at the New Jersey Regional Operations Intelligence Center among hospital executives from across the State, the NJCCIC and NH-ISAC will exchange cyber threat indicators in automated fashion to promote shared situational awareness of adversary tools and tactics related to the healthcare sector.  The agreement mandates strict data handling, classification, and disclosure protocols to protect the confidentiality of both parties’ constituents. 

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