State of New Jersey Email Encryption FAQ

Receiving Encrypted Email

You have received a secure, encrypted message from the sender.

Note: If you see red X icons in the browser, your email client is blocking images. These images are typically the logo or images of the sender's organization. You can display the images or ignore them without affecting your ability to read the message.

There are two ways to open the secure message:

  • Click the SecureMessageAtt.html attachment in the message to launch a browser to authenticate so that you can decrypt and read the message. Depending on your system, you may be required to save attachment before opening it.


  • Use of the Click here link allows the recipient to access the secure message on a mobile device. Please note that the Click here link is only available for 7 days.

Each time you want to read a secure message, you will be prompted to log in to Proofpoint Encryption using your password. 

First Time Using / Registering with Proofpoint Encryption

If you have not registered for Proofpoint Encryption, you will be prompted to create an account and choose a password on the Registration page. Click Continue when you are done. In the future, you will not be prompted to register.

Password Policy for this site.

Click to Read Message

To decrypt the message, click the Click to read message button.

You’ll be then be prompted to log into the Encryption portal. You will not need to enter a user id as this will be pre-populated with the email address that received the encrypted email.

Forgot Your Password?

Proofpoint Encryption is configured to allow you to reset your password, click the Forgot Password link.

You will receive a Password Reset Request Sent message. (see below)

An email with a link will be sent to you.  Click on the link and you will be prompted to create a new password.

Important Note: The password reset link will only work once and expires 30 minutes after it is sent.  If you try to use the link more than one time or if you try to use the link past it’s expiration date, you will receive the following message.

If you receive the above message, simply go back to the secure mail Sign In page and click the Forgot Password to receive a new link.

Message View

In the message frame you’ll see the sender’s address any attached files and the body of the message.


Click Reply or Reply All to send information back to the sender or all addresses in the message. All of the addresses are automatically filled in. 

Note: You cannot add recipients to your reply. You are only permitted to reply to the sender and any recipients that the sender had included.

Send Me a Copy

Proofpoint Encryption does not automatically place a copy of a secure message in your Sent folder. Click Send me a copy when you reply to a secure message so that a copy will be sent to your address for your records.  It will appear in your inbox as a secure message from yourself.  

Adding an Attachment to Encrypted Email

If you want to add an attachment to a message, click the Attach a file link. Navigate to the file you want to attach and then click the Add link. The name of the attached file displays in the dialog box. Click Upload when you are done adding attachments.

To delete an attachment from a message, click the X link to the right of the attachment.

Note: The (combined) attachments cannot exceed 15 MB in size.

Click Logout when you are done.

Can an Encrypted Email be Printed?

Yes, via the browser print option. 

Reading a Secure Message on a Smart Phone

Some Smart Phones cannot download files, and some Smart Phones modify HTML files. Since your secure message is sent to you as an HTML attachment, you may not be able to read it on your Smart Phone. In this situation, you will need to use a different device such as a computer to access your email and the secure message.


This section describes error messages and what they mean.

Account Temporarily Locked Out”.

If you enter an incorrect password multiple times, you may receive the following message.

When this occurs, return to the encrypted email and follow the process that brings up the Login page again.  Click on the Forgot Password link again, and follow the steps to reset your password.

Message Not Found

This error message is generated for 1 of 2 reasons:

Problem 1:  You are trying to use the Click here link and the link has expired, (7 days from time sent)

Solution 1:  If the encrypted email is older than 7 days but still within the 30 day time frame, download and open the SecureMessageAtt.html attachment.


Problem 2:  You are trying to access the encrypted email beyond the 30 day period.

Solution 2:  Contact the sender and request that they resend the encrypted email.

Page Cannot Be Displayed Message (Click Here Link in Secure Message)

Page Can’t Be Displayed

If the above message was generated when using the Click here link in the secured message, use the Download to access the secure message.

This will open the following screen in your webbrowser. 

Page Cannot be Displayed Message (Password Reset Link)

If the above message was received when clicking on the password reset message, copy the full link and paste it into your webbrowser.

Windows Cannot Access the Specified Device, Path or File

Recipient is receiving a “Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file.  You may not have the appropriate permission to access item” message when they click on the link. (see below)

This is usually a firewall connectivity issue.  Please reach-out to recipient’s technical support group.

Contact the Sender for the Following Issues

If you experience any of the following issues, notify the sender and if possible provide a screenshot of the error:

  • You authenticated successfully, but do not have permission to decrypt this message.

  • You authenticated successfully, but the decryption key for your message has been deleted.

  • There was a critical error processing your request. There may be a problem with the system or your request.

  • Proofpoint Encryption is temporarily unavailable.

  • The message you are trying to read is corrupted and cannot be processed.

  • The message is corrupted and cannot be decrypted. Contact the sender of the message.

  • There was an error retrieving the key for your message.

  • The key server is temporarily unavailable. Try again later, and if you still cannot decrypt the message.