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Over 108 million casino bets were leaked online in yet another data incident, affecting customers of websites like kahunacasino[.]com, azur-casino[.]com, easybet[.]com, and viproomcasino[.]net. User data was stored in an exposed, passwordless ElasticSearch server discovered by Justin Paine of Cloudflare. Real names, home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, birthdates, usernames, account balances, IP addresses, browser type, last login information, played games, partial credit information, and operating system details were all revealed in the leak. All this information could be used in future phishing attempts, and other social engineering schemes, against online casino customers. Security experts are still waiting for a response from affected sites; however, the exposed server has since gone offline and is now inaccessible. It is uncertain how long the data was available online or if anyone accessed it. For more information on the data leak, review the ZDNet blog post.

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