Panera Bread

On April 2, security researcher Brian Krebs reported that, for at least eight months, Panerabread[.]com had been leaking millions of customer records that included names, email addresses, home addresses, dates of birth, customer loyalty card numbers, and the last four digits of their payment card numbers. In August 2017, another security researcher, Dylan Houlihan, had reportedly notified the company about the data exposure but the company did not address the issue until April 2, 2018. Cybersecurity firm Hold Security suggests that the number of exposed records likely exceeds 37 million and that the data leak may also impact Panera’s commercial division. The NJCCIC recommends all Panera Bread customers monitor their financial accounts and loyalty accounts for suspicious activity and report any unauthorized charges immediately. Additionally, we recommend Panera Bread customers be on alert for phishing campaigns associated with, and resulting from, this data leak.