Breaches Outpacing Last Year's Record Setting Numbers

According to the Identity Theft Research Center (ITRC), an organization that compiles statistics and details on breach disclosures, data breaches across all sectors in the United States are 35.3 percent ahead of last year's record pace through the end of May. ITRC has logged 698 data breaches as of May 30, whereas 516 breaches were documented at that time in 2016. Although many of the incidents do not disclose the number of records compromised, ITRC has logged at least 10,234,928 records exposed. So far this year, the business sector, which groups a variety of industries including retail and restaurants, accounts for 45.3 percent of all breaches and 1,048,342 records exposed. The number of breaches in the healthcare sector are slightly below last year's pace; however, they account for the highest percentage of records exposed so far, totaling 15,942,053. The NJCCIC strongly encourages organizations to implement a robust cybersecurity program that includes the encryption of data at rest and in transit, as well as the implementation of strong access controls, including the principle of least privilege and two-factor authentication for all systems that provide access to sensitive personal, financial, or medical data, as well as intellectual property.