Filing taxes today? Beware of phone scams, email scams, and website spoofing!

Beware of the following scams if you are filing your taxes today:

  • Phone Scams: These are unsolicited phone calls from scam artists claiming to be IRS agents. They accuse their victims of owing back taxes and attempt to scare them into sending money in order to pay the fake bill. These scammers may even leave urgent-sounding voicemails with a callback number if the potential victim does not answer the phone. They also employ call spoofing technology to make it appear that the call originated from the IRS.
  • Email Scams: Phishing emails appearing to come from the IRS attempt to lure potential victims into opening malicious attachments, clicking on malicious links, or sending personal information or money to scammers. Scammers are also targeting people who use tax preparation software by emailing malware-infected attachments disguised as tax software updates or account alerts to try to gain access to victims’ tax files or login credentials.
  • Website Spoofing: Some scammers will go as far as spoofing a web address and creating a fraudulent website designed to look like a legitimate IRS or tax preparation company’s site in an attempt to fool their victims.