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DEFCON 25 – Celebrating 25 Years of Hacking with 25,000 People

“Our Uber driver told us to turn off the Bluetooth and WiFi on our phones while we’re out here this week. He said not to connect to anything or we’ll be hacked.” Two women shared this with me as the three of us waited to ride the SlotZilla Zipline in downtown Las Vegas late Friday night. I told them I was in town attending DEFCON and that their driver gave them good advice.

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DEFCON 24 – Hacking’s Gone Mainstream

“I can’t believe this many people want to hack into computers,” the elderly woman said to her friend as they tried to navigate past the throng of DEFCON attendees at Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, “there’s something wrong with that.” I heard this comment in passing and nodded slightly in subtle agreement.

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