Weekly Cyber AAG

Digital Copiers are Computers, Too - The Importance of Securing Physical Documents
Comment: Although often overlooked and forgotten when it comes to security, multifunction printers can pose a significant risk to data and networks when improperly configured. Printers with open and exposed ports as well as default login credentials or no user authentication requirements can allow both internal and remote threat actors to gain unauthorized access to the device and potentially sensitive data stored within its memory. Secure network-connected printers by closing unneeded ports, requiring user authentication and implementing user-based access control, and encrypting all data traveling between the printers and other devices. Clear printer memories often, especially before decommissioning them, and track and log all printer activity in the event any are discovered to be the source of a data breach.

Cryptocurrency Scams on Android: Do You Know What to Watch Out For?
Comment: Android users have recently been targeted with cryptocurrency exchange scams due to the popularity of cryptocurrency and because many exchanges do not offer a mobile app. Individuals are encouraged to treat cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets with the same level of caution as mobile banking apps. Check to make sure the mobile app is verified via the associated service’s official website before downloading. If possible, enable two-factor authentication to protect your exchange or wallet accounts. As with any mobile app, be sure to thoroughly read user reviews prior to installation to help determine its legitimacy.