Weekly Cyber AAG

Over 40% of Online Logins Are Attackers Trying to Invade Accounts
Comment: In the Q4 2017 edition of their State of the Internet/Security report, CDN and cloud services provider Akamai reported that up to 43 percent of online login attempts made globally are a result of malicious bot activity. Nearly 3.6 billion out of 8.3 billion login attempts observed during the month of November were malicious, using password-guessing techniques or information gathered from online reconnaissance to try and gain unauthorized access to accounts. This report emphasizes the importance of enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) on every account that offers it. For a list of websites that allow users to secure their accounts with 2FA, please visit TwoFactorAuth.org.

50 Percent of Adults Have Not Checked Their Credit Since Equifax Breach
Comment: More than 145 million US consumers had their personal financial information compromised in the Equifax breach, yet 50 percent of adults have not checked their credit report or credit score since the breach last year. 18 percent of adults surveyed have never checked their credit report or credit score. Individuals are encouraged to regularly check credit and financial accounts for unauthorized activity and to take advantage of any free credit monitoring service offered by companies that exposed your sensitive information during a breach. Additionally, placing a security freeze on credit files can prevent identity thieves from opening new accounts in your name.