Weekly Cyber AAG

FIFA 2018 and Bitcoin among 2017’s Main Spam and Phishing Topics 
Comment: In light of the recent Olympics hack, cybersecurity is an increasingly important concern for major sporting events. Later this year, the FIFA 2018 World Cup will be hosted in Russia. In 2017, there were several reports of fraudulent emails impersonating FIFA officials notifying people of free tickets and lottery winnings. It is important for individuals to stay cognizant of phishing campaigns geared around popular sporting events such as the 2018 World Cup. Users are advised to avoid responding to or acting on unsolicited emails claiming to give away free items or money. If you receive a phishing email, be sure to mark it as spam and never share any personal or financial information with the sender. 

Small Business Information Sharing: Combating Foreign Cyber Threats 
Comment: The FBI recently released a statement on measures that small businesses can take to protect themselves from cyber threats. Small businesses, including local NJ establishments, should take note of increasingly prevalent cyber threats targeting small-to-medium businesses, particularly business email compromise (BEC). Business owners should use trusted, secondary verifications for transactions, keep hardware and software up-to-date, install reputable anti-virus software, properly configure all cloud-based databases, and use multi-factor authentication for account and network access. Businesses are also encouraged to take steps to protect their customers’ data to prevent a data breach.