Weekly Cyber AAG

FBI Pushes for Small Business Information Sharing
Comment: It can be challenging for small businesses to maintain awareness of, and defend against, the myriad of cyber threats that could impact their networks, data, and livelihood every day. Information sharing initiatives such as those promoted by the FBI and the NJCCIC can make the difference between being prepared for a cyber threat and being the victim of a devastating attack that closes your doors for good. We encourage all small businesses to partner with law enforcement in an effort to fight cybercrime and we especially encourage New Jersey small businesses to become members of the NJCCIC, to share information on the types of cyber threats they’re seeing, and to use the information we publish to strengthen their defenses. To become a member of the NJCCIC, fill out our Membership Form and you’ll be put on our list to receive alerts, advisories, bulletins, and training notifications. 

Compromised Credentials: The Primary Point of Attack for Data Breaches 
Comment: An overwhelming majority of data breaches stem from compromised account credentials including stolen, default, or weak passwords. As phishing campaigns become more sophisticated, it is imperative that end users take password security seriously. Implementing multi-factor authentication and selecting complex passwords are two simple steps users can take to bolster account security.