Weekly Cyber AAG

Over 90 Percent of Gmail Users Still Don’t Use Two-Factor Authentication 
Comment: While two-factor authentication (2FA) isn’t bullet-proof protection against account compromise, it does provide an extra layer of security that would require a threat actor to not only obtain or guess your password, but also would require them to access an additional authenticating factor, such as a time-based one-time password generated by an application, a single-use code sent to your mobile phone, or a biometric identifier such as a fingerprint or a facial scan. 2FA is a very simple way to greatly reduce your risk of account compromise and the NJCCIC highly encourages all users to enable this security feature for any account that offers it. For more information, please see the NJCCIC blog post, “Stop What You Are Doing and Enable 2FA.” 

Cybercriminals Stole $172 Billion from 978 Million Consumers in the Past Year 
Comment: According to the 2017 Norton Cyber Security Insights Report, 143 million consumers were victimized by cybercrimes last year in the United States alone. This survey highlights the importance of maintaining awareness of current cyber threats and educating yourself on best practices to help defend against common attacks. When it comes to cybersecurity, employing best practices such as enabling multi-factor authentication and running up-to-date antivirus software can go a long way in reducing your cyber risk.