Weekly Cyber AAG

Email Virus Shuts Down Rockingham County Schools Computer Servers 
Comment: This incident reinforces the importance of educating administrators, teachers, parents, and students on common cyber threats and the impact such attacks can have on an entire school district. Email-based cyber threats are rapidly evolving as criminals find new and effective ways to bypass security controls and reach end users. In this attack, Emotet was delivered in the form of a malicious Microsoft Word document which led to the complete shutdown of computer networks throughout a North Carolina School District. 
CISOs Are Feeling Less Confident Than Ever about Cyber Risk and Data Security 
Comment: According to a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute, phishing campaigns and malware attacks are among Chief Information Officers’ top predictions with regards to cybersecurity incidents expected to impact organizations in 2018. To help combat these and similar threats faced by all organizations, the NJCCIC strongly recommends implementing a cyber incident response plan and providing training to all employees on cybersecurity best practices.