Weekly Cyber AAG

Online Shop Can't Determine Card Breach Severity Due to "Lack of Backups" 
Comment: This breach emphasizes the importance of implementing data backups and also highlights the consequences that arise when backups are not completed on a regular basis. At a time when no individual or organization is immune from cyber attacks, it is vital that backups are conducted routinely and incorporated into cyber incident response plans. For additional information and tips on developing a backup strategy for you or your organization, review the NJCCIC’s Cyber Blog “Backups: The Cure to Viral Cyber Infections”.

How to Keep Your Browser and Devices Safe from Cryptojackers 
Comment: Over the last several months, the NJCCIC has reported on numerous cryptocurrency-mining scripts embedded within browser extensions, mobile device applications available for download in official app stores, and popular websites. This helpful article lists some simple steps you can take to prevent your system from being hijacked and becoming a cryptocurrency-mining machine.