Weekly Cyber AAG

Make 2018 Your Year of Taking Password Security More Seriously
Comment: This year, make a resolution to secure all of your online accounts by using strong, complex passwords and enabling two-factor authentication for every account that offers it. Don’t reuse passwords across multiple accounts and keep your systems and devices free of data-stealing keyloggers and other malware by using up-to-date antivirus software. These basic steps can help you reduce your risk of account compromise and better secure your digital data.

Symantec: A Cryptocurrency Mining Malware 'Arms Race' Is Looming 
Comment: With the value of digital currency rising, threat actors are consistently developing new ways to mine virtual coins by hijacking unsuspecting users’ machines. In 2018, this type of malicious activity will increasingly impact computer and mobile device users as profit-motivated actors seek to generate revenue by embedding these scripts in browser extensions, popular websites, and seemingly legitimate apps available for download via official app stores. We recommend that users closely monitor their devices for any sudden changes in performance that may be attributed to cryptocurrency-mining malware.

Resolve to Mitigate Your Business' Digital Risk in 2018 
Comment: From compromised third-party suppliers to self-replicating malware, organizations must be prepared to defend their data and networks against a multitude of threats. This article highlights several steps that management and IT personnel can take to better secure their organizations and mitigate the risks posed by cybercriminals this year.