2:00pm 2:00pm

Webinar | The New Normal: Disruptive and Destructive Cyberattacks

This year, we have seen global cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure in multiple countries and across hundreds of thousands of computers. Cybersecurity experts assess that many of these attacks were conducted by nation-states attempting to disrupt victims’ operations and destroy data, rather than profit-seeking criminals. In this webinar, we will review a number of the most recent cyberattacks, including Petya and WannaCry, as well as the breaches at several nuclear power plants in the United States, and assess the impacts of such attacks.

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8:30am 8:30am

Security Impact of Social Engineering Conference

Attend a one day event sponsored by the NJ Chapter of (ISC)2, friends, and sponsoring NY/NJ/CT Metro area associations. Leaders in the industry, including Director Michael Geraghty of the NJCCIC, are excited to present leading edge insights, discussion and exchange of innovative, future focused ideas and solutions to address technical and business related social engineering. 

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