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How to Configure and Secure a Home Wi-Fi Router

A great way to reduce your cyber risk is to ensure your home Wi-Fi network is properly configured and secured. Think about how many devices are connected to your home’s wireless network right now. In modern households, there could easily be a dozen or more connected devices. Laptop computers, tablets, video game consoles, home security cameras, smart thermostats, and smart home lighting kits all need internet access to work properly. To protect yourself and your home network from cyber threats, there are a few steps you’ll need to take. Use the instructions below to help you set up a new wireless router or even audit and secure your existing set-up.

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NTP: Time is of the Essence

Time synchronization is not something many people may consider to be a critical component of a properly functioning enterprise; however, it is vital for managing, securing, debugging, and investigating security incidents on a network. Desynchronized timekeeping across distributed servers in a corporate network can cause serious headaches for IT staff trying to diagnose network issues or investigators trying to get to the bottom of a data breach.

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