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Be Sure to Secure Your Android Device: The NJCCIC’s Guide to Accessing Your Device’s Security & Privacy Settings

The NJCCIC is providing this guide to help our members and website visitors manage their cyber risk and maintain the security and privacy of their information. This guide provides users with the steps needed to access and change the privacy and security settings on their Android devices. As we become more reliant upon mobile devices to store, access, and manage our personal and sensitive data, it has become increasingly important to properly secure these devices and maintain awareness of which settings and apps could compromise our privacy.

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Protect Your Mobile Phone Numbers from Porting Scams

In August 2017, the NJCCIC published the blog post Hackers Are Circumventing 2FA and Here's What You Can Do About It to alert members of emerging social engineering campaigns targeting mobile phone carriers. In these campaigns, hackers called the carriers and impersonated the targeted victim when speaking to customer service representatives. They would then try to convince the representatives to port the victim’s phone number to a new phone. If the scheme worked and the representative ported the number to a phone within the hacker’s possession, the hacker could then use it to circumvent SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled on the targeted victim’s online accounts. Fortunately, major US mobile phone carriers have recently implemented an additional security control that their customers can use to secure their accounts. Read our blog to find out more.

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