Ransomware Attacks Hit City Governments

Ransomware continues to impact governments and businesses, targeting many victims through phishing emails. Officials in Riviera Beach City in Florida paid $600,000 to bad actors after their computer systems were impacted by ransomware, including their email and 911 systems. The city of Baltimore is still recovering from May’s ransomware attack as they get operations back up and running. They refused to pay the ransom, but due to lost revenue and recovery efforts, the costs are estimated at $18 million. The NJCCIC discourages victims from paying the ransom if impacted by a ransomware infection and, instead, ensure they have a comprehensive data backup plan. We advise users to review the NJCCIC products Don’t Take the Bait! Phishing and Other Social Engineering Attacks and Cybersecurity Best Practices for more information on how to keep their accounts and data safe. We recommend reviewing the NJCCIC Ransomware Threat Profile for ransomware mitigation strategies.