Phone Scams Impersonate Verizon Fraud Department and Social Security Administration

The NJCCIC has received several reports of fraudulent recorded phone messages from various toll-free numbers impersonating representatives from the Verizon Fraud Department and the Social Security Administration (SSA). The recorded message claims there is a lawsuit pending against the target or the account in question has been suspended, revoked, or inactive. The message then advises the target to press 1 from the menu options to learn more, which directs them to a live person requesting the target to divulge or confirm personal information. MSN also reported similar SSA phone impersonation scams. The NJCCIC recommends users refrain from revealing or divulging sensitive or confidential information from unknown callers or spoofed phone numbers. We advise users to hang up immediately if suspicious messages are heard. We encourage users review the NJCCIC publication to learn more about human-based and computer-based social engineering tactics and prevention.

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