Scammers Target Christchurch Terror Attack Donations

Westpac Bank is warning the public about a phishing scam bearing the bank’s logo, targeting those who wish to donate to the victims of the recent terror attack in Christchurch, New Zealand. Hovering over the link in the email points to a website called “mothersawakening” and a fraudulent account number for donations. The correct account number is listed in the Newshub article. The national Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) warned about other scams and cyber attacks associated with this tragedy: phishing emails containing links to fake online banking log-ins, sharing of malicious video files on compromised websites or on social media, threat actors changing websites to spread political messages, and websites receiving threats of denial-of-service attacks. The NJCCIC advises users to refrain from responding or clicking on unsolicited links, and instead navigate directly to official company websites when donating.

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