Security Gaps in Medical Equipment

According to Check Point experts, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is expected to increase the number of smart devices used in healthcare organizations. The study expects 87 percent of healthcare institutions to use IoT technologies by the end of 2019, and nearly 650 million IoMT devices in use by 2020; however, it underscores the danger of what could happen if these devices are poorly secured. Check Point used an ultrasound device as a case study, finding that it was running on an extremely outdated Windows 2000 program and no longer receiving updates or patches.  Threat actors could potentially exploit these vulnerabilities, use records to access personally identifiable information (PII), and target healthcare organizations for attacks such as ransomware. The NJCCIC recommends users ensure software, patches, and anti-virus/anti-malware are up-to-date. More information about the Check Point study can be found in their blog post and Dark Reading’s blog post.

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