Hidden Third-Party Tags Could Be Leaving Fortune 100 Companies At Risk

A study done by Crownpeak found hidden third-party tags on multiple Fortune 100 companies. While these tags are not intended to be malicious, they create a vulnerability which can be exploited. Personal data can potentially be accessed without consent, causing security issues and violating privacy laws. The third-party tags can also cause a latency of up to 11.1 seconds in site performance, affecting user experience. Chief Strategy and Product Officer at Crownpeak, Darren Guarnaccia, suggests, “Businesses need to ensure they have intelligent systems in place to assist them in gaining a holistic view of the tags operating on their website and allow the control of such tags.” The NJCCIC recommends that businesses review the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and discuss third-party tags with their data protection or information security officer. HelpNet Security provides more information here.