Years-Old Phishing Scam Makes Comeback

The NJCCIC recently received an incident report regarding a phishing email similar to the old “Nigerian Prince” scam from years ago. The email states that the sender is undergoing medical treatment for cancer and that her late husband had millions of dollars in a bank account that will be confiscated if it is not issued to another person. The sender claims they wish to give this money to the recipient to be donated to various charity-like organizations. If the recipient responds to this email, the sender will likely request a small amount of money be wired to a bank account, claiming it will be used for fees in order to transfer ownership of the bank account. These emails are not credible and the sender is simply hoping the recipient will be duped into paying the supposed fee. The NJCCIC advises any recipients of this and similar emails to refrain from providing a response or sending any money and, instead, delete the email. We also recommend educating others about this and similar scams to reduce victimization.

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