Eighty-Five Android Apps Abundant with Adware

Trend Micro detected at least eighty-five fraudulent gaming, TV, and remote control apps in the Google Play store containing adware. The apps garnered over nine million downloads, including five million downloads for the popular “Easy Universal TV Remote” alone. All of the apps display a similar pattern of behavior when opened: a full screen ad is displayed and, after exiting, the app’s menu appears and displays several buttons. Clicking any button only opens up another full screen ad and eventually causes the app to display a loading screen. Nothing ever loads, and the app closes itself and disappears from the device’s home screen. It continues to run in the background, displaying more ads every fifteen to thirty minutes or each time the device is unlocked. The malicious apps have since been removed from the Play store, and can be uninstalled manually through Android’s uninstall feature. The NJCCIC highly recommends Android users uninstall any of the infected apps listed by Trend Micro, and run a trusted security solution on their mobile device to detect malware. Additionally, users are advised to be mindful of the apps they download by evaluating ratings and reviews, and only granting necessary permissions. More information on the malicious apps can be found in Trend Micro’s report.

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