CryptoMix Tries Out New Lure to Obtain Ransoms

Security firm Coveware uncovered a new CryptoMix ransomware campaign implementing a weak tactic in an attempt to persuade users to pay a bitcoin ransom. This latest campaign introduces a ransom note instructing victims to email the ransomware distributors, who pose as a charity organization that will donate your ransom to a child in need. Children mentioned in the emails are, in fact, real children; however, as expected, none of the payments reach those in need. The ransom note also falsely warns users that if they run security software, it will further damage their system. The NJCCIC recommends affected users visit the NJCCIC threat profile for available decryption tools for CryptoMix and refrain from paying the demanded ransom. For more information on the latest campaign, view the Coveware blog post and for further ransomware mitigation strategies, visit our threat profile page.

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