Tech-Support Scam Threatens Facebook Account is Hacked

A newly discovered tech-support scam tricks victims into contacting a fraudulent Facebook Support Team by claiming their account may be hacked. This scheme utilizes Facebook’s Sharer dialog, commonly used by website owners to distribute content on Facebook, to display a warning that informs users of suspicious activity observed on their page. The message then directs victims to contact the Facebook Support Team via phone in order to restore access to their account. If users call the provided number, they are connected with a representative posing as “Facebook Support” who requests to remotely connect to the caller’s computer. The NJCCIC recommends never granting remote access at the request of an unsolicited pop-up message or notification on your computer. If you have installed remote access software onto your system at the request of these or other malicious actors, we recommend uninstalling it immediately and performing a full system scan using a reputable and up-to-date anti-virus/anti-malware solution. Users who may have been affected by this scam are also advised to proactively monitor accounts for suspicious activity.