Schneider Electric May Have Shipped Malware-Laden USB Drives to Customers

Schneider Electric notified customers that they may have received USB drives infected with malware in recent product shipments. In an August 24 security advisory, the company stated that these USB drives held support documentation for the company's Conext Combox and Conext Battery Monitor solar-power products and did not contain any operational software, leaving operational security unaffected. The impacted USB drives were infected with malware during manufacturing by one of their suppliers. Schneider Electric advised customers to discard any USB drives that have shipped with their products and those who used a potentially infected USB drive are encouraged to perform a full system scan to identify and remove any malware found. This incident highlights the risks associated with the supply chain and the use of removable media. The NJCCIC recommends organizations who have purchased the impacted Schneider Electric equipment follow the recommendations provided in their security advisory, scan all USB drives prior to connecting them to any device on their network, and consider discontinuing the use of removable media.