VSDC Website Hacked to Deliver Malware

VSDC, a company that provides free audio and video conversion and editing software, recently discovered a breach of their website videosoftdev[.]com. On June 8, July 2, and July 6, hackers replaced legitimate download links with URLs that redirected users to a server under the attacker’s control. Instead of downloading authentic programs, users were prompted to install versions of VSDC software bundled with malware, including a keylogger, infostealer, and remote access trojan. The malware is capable of recovering Telegram and Steam account passwords, Skype chats, Electrum wallet data, and taking screenshots of an infected user’s computer. VSDC has since removed the fraudulent links from their website. The NJCCIC recommends users who made a download from the VSDC website on the affected dates perform a full system scan using a reputable anti-virus/anti-malware solution, reinstall the programs using the legitimate VSDC download links, and enable multi-factor authentication where available. For additional information on this incident, please review the Qihoo 360 Netlab report.

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