Flaw in Samsung Messages App Sends Photos Without User Consent

A glitch found in the pre-installed Samsung Messages texting app is causing users’ photos to be sent to their contacts without their knowledge or consent. Victims are unaware that their photos have been sent as they do not appear as sent messages in the application. The issue seems to have emerged after users downloaded the latest version of the application on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, and Note 8. Samsung has been made aware of the issue. The NJCCIC recommends all Android users disable the Messages app’s ability to access the phone’s storage and use an alternative messaging app until the flaw is fixed. Users may disable this permission by navigating to the phone’s settings, selecting “Applications,” choosing the “Messages” app, accessing the permissions setting, and moving the “Storage” toggle to “Disable.” Please note: disabling the app’s permission to access storage will render the app unusable.