Bing Search Results Display Malicious Chrome Advertisements

Lawrence Abrams of Bleeping Computer reports observing the Bing search engine display Google Chrome advertisements designed to redirect users to a website that delivers installers for adware and Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs). These misleading advertisements appear as a top result when a user searches for the phrase “chrome download” using Bing. Although the advertisements appear to lead to Google’s authentic website, the ads actually direct users to the site www[.]googlechrome2018[.]net, designed to lure users into downloading an InstallCore bundle masquerading as ChromeSetup.exe. If users already have Chrome installed on their system, they will be prompted to download and install a “Search Manager” extension. If the Chrome extensions are installed, additional prompts will appear for Chrome extensions, anti-malware PUPs, and other programs that may negatively impact device performance and security. The NJCCIC recommendsinstalling applications from the official Chrome Web Store by directly typing the web address into the URL field. If users have downloaded and installed the affected programs, we recommend uninstalling them immediately and scanning affected devices with a reputable antivirus solution.

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