Lazarus Group Targeting Facebook Users

According to statements from Facebook and Microsoft, North Korean threat actors, known as “Lazarus Group,” used fraudulent Facebook account profiles to masquerade as other people and develop relationships with potential targets. These relationships may have helped the threat actors dupe targets into installing malware on their systems. Facebook and Microsoft, along with other entities in the security community, worked together to disrupt the Lazarus Group’s activities by deleting accounts suspected to be operated by the group. Additionally, Facebook contacted users who may have communicated with the fraudulent accounts and provided suggestions designed to enhance their accounts’ security. The NJCCIC recommends all social media users exercise caution when forming personal relationships through the platforms and avoid divulging sensitive personal or financial information. Additionally, be suspicious of any unexpected or unsolicited links sent or posted via social media, even if they are from those you believe you know, and tighten privacy and security settings on all accounts, enabling multi-factor authentication where available.