Keylogger Found in HP Laptops

The NJCCIC has been alerted to a potential security vulnerability that exists within more than 460 models of HP laptops including the EliteBook, ProBook, Pavilion, and Envy models.

A security researcher recently published findings regarding his discovery of keylogging code embedded in the Synaptics touchpad driver that was preinstalled in over 460 models of HP laptops. Although the keylogger component is disabled by default, a local or remote attacker with administrative privileges could enable it to record any keystrokes performed on the affected device. In a security bulletin, HP stated that this vulnerability “impacts all Synaptics OEM partners.”

For more information on this vulnerability, please refer to the following open source articles:

The NJCCIC has not received any reports of threat actors attempting to exploit this vulnerability within New Jersey organizations or sectors; however, all affected HP laptop users should take action and apply the most recent HP patch immediately. If your organization experiences or suspects attacks attempting to exploit this vulnerability, please report the incident to the NJCCIC via the Cyber Incident Report form on our website.

Visit the HP Customer Support website to determine if your HP laptop is affected and, if so, update with the available corresponding patch immediately.

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