Vulnerabilities in Maritime SATCOM System

Researchers at IOActive discovered two vulnerabilities in Stratos Global’s satellite communications (SATCOM) email client platform AtmosConnect 8: a backdoor account that could allow full system access and a SQL injection flaw that could reveal database credentials. Stratos Global’s parent company, Inmarsat, claims the vulnerabilities would be difficult to exploit as a threat actor would require direct physical access to the system used for the platform – a platform they claim is “no longer in service.” Nonetheless, the presence of these vulnerabilities in a popular SATCOM system highlights the need for enhanced cybersecurity efforts by the maritime sector to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive networks. The NJCCIC recommends managers, security personnel, and system administrators within the maritime sector review the associatedIOActive report and US-CERT alert, as well as this blog post from Pen Test Partners on maritime cybersecurity and unsecure SATCOM systems and take steps to properly secure SATCOM boxes.