Malicious ‘Back to School’ Apps Target Young Users

Researchers from the security firm RiskIQ reportedly found over 1,000 malicious “back to school”-themed Android apps, one-third of which were available in the Google Play Store. These apps may contain adware or request excessive permissions beyond those necessary for the app’s functions. The developers market to unsuspecting young users who may not be deterred by spelling and grammar mistakes or overreaching requests for permissions. Seemingly harmless apps can harbor malware such as trojans that can be used to infect user’s devices with spyware and steal their data. The NJCCIC recommends parents talk to their children about cybersecurity threats and monitor what apps they are downloading and using on their devices. Children should be instructed to only download applications from official app stores and any apps acquired from third-party sources should be researched and deleted unless they are confirmed as safe from a reputable source.

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