IRS: New Scam Seeks Passwords of Tax Pros

Last week, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released an alert warning tax professionals of a new phishing email scam impersonating tax software providers and attempting to steal usernames and passwords. The IRS notes many software providers issue software updates around this time of year, as tax professionals are working to meeting the October 15 deadline for extension filers. The latest phishing emails have subject lines such as “Software Support Update” or “Important Software System Upgrade.” The body of the email thanks recipients for continuing to trust the software provider to serve their tax preparation needs and mimics the software providers’ email templates. The email goes on to inform the recipients that, due to a recent software upgrade, the preparer must revalidate their login credentials, and provides a link to a fictitious website that mirrors the software provider’s legitimate login page. The intent is to compromise tax professionals' credentials and use them to access preparers' accounts and steal client information. The NJCCIC recommends all individuals involved in the preparation of taxes review the latest IRS alert, as well as the additional resources provided in the Protect Your Clients, Protect Yourself section on the IRS website. If you receive the emails described above, send the email information to the tax software provider being spoofed using the recommended process in the alert.