Skimming Device Found in Point Pleasant, NJ

The Point Pleasant Police Department released a statement onFacebook informing residents that a skimming device was discovered on a stand-alone ATM at a local Rite Aid. The device is believed to have been placed on the machine approximately one week earlier. In our July 6 bulletin, we included anarticle by Brian Krebs that details recent skimming tactics and tips on how to recognize compromised ATMs and avoid falling victim to skimming devices. For example, only use ATMs that are in well-lit, public areas, opt for fixed-location machines, such as those colocated outside or inside a bank, and always check for damage to machines, such as loose parts or wires, PIN pad overlays, and pin-hole cameras before inserting your debit card. The NJCCIC recommends anyone who used the affected ATM between July 17 and July 24, 2017 monitor their bank accounts for suspicious activity, report any unauthorized charges immediately, and consider requesting a new debit card.