IBM Storwize USB Initialization Tool May Contain Malware

IBM published an alert warning customers that some of the company’s USB flash drives containing the initialization tool shipped with the IBM Storwize v3500, V3700, and V5000 Gen 1 systems contain a file embedded with malicious code. Affected products include part number 01AC585 shipped with the following system models: IBM Storwize V3500 - 2071 models 02A and 10A, IBM Storwize V3700 - 2072 models 12C, 24C and 2DC, IBM Storwize V5000 - 2077 models 12C and 24C, IBM Storwize V5000 - 2078 models 12C and 24C. Any customers who have already inserted the malicious USB drives into laptops or desktops are urged to scan their systems immediately and remove the malware with antivirus software. For more information, including instructions on how to manually remove the malware, please reviewIBM’s Flash Alert.

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